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Metaphysical Mami: Nubian Tarot

I incorrectly reported that we're moving into the Age of Aquarius because of my own misunderstanding of my research. I've made the change to the Age of Pisces* because that's our current timeline and is the accurate information.

We're back with another Metaphysical Mami! We all know that Black life and culture exists everywhere. In the face of this quarantine, the influx of Black people being more vocal about our methods of healing and the overall process of healing itself. It's truly beautiful to witness seeing as we're bombarded with countless methods to silence our voices and to break our minds and bodies. Not only are we all working to handle the collective chaos we're in, we're also navigating through our own personal chaos. Presently, we're all experiencing, to some degree, the difficulty of enjoying our own company. It seems there's no other choice but to face those uncomfortable, subconscious parts of ourselves. Our faith is tested in various ways and some outlets may not be helping like they have before. Astrology and tarot is another way to understand and navigate our deeper waters with a bit more compassion and grace.

I do all of this through God. And I like to tell those who believe wrongly of me that I'm simply a messenger. - Nubian

For this edition of Metaphysical Mami, I tapped on Nubian, a Black spiritual reader from London, to share some perspective on what tarot did to facilitate her growth. I felt it important to expand this beyond the US because Black people everywhere are subjected to the isms that be. However, the way this power sustains itself differs and presents different lived experiences but the impact remains the same: destruction. Nubian and other energy workers like her are conduits to help us remember who we are at our essence.

GEV: Do you remember the first instance(s) when you realized your interest in the metaphysical?

NT: I’ve always had an interest from a very young age but never really got into it, I just was aware of things. I would only basically read those generic sun sign zodiacs at the back of newspapers. So I began taking proper interest in it about a year ago when my friend introduced me to astrology birth charts and tarot readings. I actually had an experience with a clairvoyant reader a few years ago when I was in my final year at university and it's crazy to think how that meeting was pretty much a foreshadowing of what I'd be doing in a few years to come. I was actually very skeptical and weary of tarot at one point.

GEV: Were your family and friends receptive to your exploration?

NT: Friends, yes. Although I’ve not told many, not because I’m afraid to or anything but I just don’t see the need in having to tell, if they see or find out themselves then so be it. Family, it’s still 50/50. Some are cool with it, some are still a little skeptical about it. I don't have a problem teaching people a proper understanding of this.

GEV: Once you came into your vocation, how did you experience your life changing?

NT: I became more in tune with my intuition and began my spiritual journey. I’ve grown and have begun healing issues I’ve faced in life. I feel more aware of myself and things around me and I'm growing into the person who I'm supposed to be.

GEV: How long have you been practicing?

NT: Only for a year at the end of April. So not that long but I really believe this is part of my purpose.

GEV: Was it important, in order to build a community, that you found other readers and energy workers that looked like you?

NT: It definitely was important. I am very much interested in ancestry when it comes to my spirituality and it's been great having people around who can truly resonate with me for example.

GEV: Do you see more Black people/POC seeking guidance through tarot and astrology?

NT: Not enough as of yet, I think, but I feel as though we'll definitely see more of it to come in the future. Times are changing now and I feel like younger generations are becoming more open to discovering other forms of divination and getting in touch with their roots. There's a lot of misconception and negative taboos amongst the Black community when it comes to all of this and I feel like one day it'll change.

GEV: What is one misconception you find Black people/POC believe about metaphysical practices outside of organized religion?

NT: That it's sinful or evil. I didn't have to sell my soul to the devil in order to do this. I am still very much a believer. I grew up Christian. I do all of this through God. And I like to tell those who believe wrongly of me that I'm simply a messenger. Many readers can do this without the cards. There's no real difference between us and people at churches who have prophecies and messages.

GEV: We’re moving into the age of Pisces* now and we already see the changes happening around us. What is one of your favorite mantras or affirmations to help you stay grounded?

NT: 'I am that I am.' I remember being told this by an older black spiritualist when I had a reading with her. She gave me a really great personal message about allowing myself to sit more with my higher self and be content within what I am and all that will come to me.

Follow Nubian on Twitter and IG @nubiantarot for amusing and insightful tweets about tarot, astrology and more. If you'd like a reading from Nubian, head over to In the final Metaphysical Mami interview, I spoke to Briana Jordan, an Afro-Latina astrologist from CT! Stay tuned and follow GEV on social media.


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