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Metaphysical Mami: Briana J.

I incorrectly reported that we're moving into the Age of Aquarius because of my own misunderstanding of my research. I've made the change to the Age of Pisces* because that's our current timeline and is the accurate information.

For this last installment, I had to bring it back home to CT. We're a state with a unique culture here especially in cities like New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, etc. Aside from basketball, great pizza and quick access to NY, it may appear as if life here is very white, conservative and passive. On the contrary, it's a mosaic of the various people, cultures and practices. There's a growing interest and space in CT opening more doors for meta enthusiasts to share their knowledge and help their community. Outside of myself, there is only a handful of Black/POC readers and intuits available here but fortunately I went to high school with one of them! Bubbly yet cool and collected,

Briana Jordan is not just an astrologer but also a photographer, model and DJ. When we met in high school, she hadn't donned her astrologer hat quite yet but now it's confidently added to the collection. Briana offers a great perspective being Afro-Latina and growing up in Bridgeport and now is based in New York. Her insight matches her energy: jovial yet grounded with the right amount of humor, compassion and reality.

GEV: Do you remember the first instance(s) when you realized your interest in the metaphysical?

B: The earliest memory I have of my interest with Astrology was in middle school and checking the “love is” comic everyday in the newspaper, and above that would be Horoscopes! I always loved birthdays, so any connection I’d be super psyched about. Learning I was a Virgo, I held onto that and I remembered going into a Barnes & Noble with my mom and finding an entire section dedicated to Astrology and it’s like my mind exploded. Finding Tumblr in HS and all this music about energy and your third eye really changed my life, and I thought it stopped there. Fast forward to 2015, I met this girl in NYC and she asked me what my moon and venus sign were and I had no idea what she was talking about. That ignited the deep deep interest into all things Metaphysical. Now it’s a part of my everyday vocabulary and it occupies a majority of my life! 9/10 all of my open tabs are essays and videos of me studying & finding new books.

Were your family and friends receptive to your exploration?

It’s funny because my Grandmother has a globe with her sign, which is Libra and I’d see it everyday after school, but my mom was not a fan of me reading too deep into Astrology because we used to be heavy into church, so I’d keep a lot of my studies to myself. Once it became more trendy, my friends got into it and most people knew I had an inkling, so I would get questions and birth charts thrown at me. It was cool to finally have people to share it with. Now my friends refer to me as their personal Astrologer (lol).

It’s like connecting the dots from the past, present and future. - Briana Jordan

Once you came into your vocation, how did you experience your life changing?

Once I fully acknowledged the fact that I knew a little more than the average person who reads about their Sun Sign, it brought me back to all my memories, any trauma I’ve experienced, my reactions and how I am in public. Wondering why I was “fake shy” but adventurous, or why I attract mostly Water Signs. Astrology helped me learn more about myself and my surroundings. Once you learn, it’s like a whole new world opens up, and really I just experiment with it all day and sit with certain people analyzing their responses to gather more information on Synastry/Aspects.

How long have you been practicing?

I would say I took it seriously in 2015 and I could not believe I had a Fire Moon! I didn’t feel super dramatic, but I definitely have a lot of pride, so I’ll blame my Leo Moon.

Was it important, in order to build a community, that you found other readers and energy workers that looked like you?

Yes! First venturing out, I found most online Astrologers to be white and had different life experiences. It’s just like finding any niche/hobby, you want to engage with people that are similar to you. Even with finding someone at the same stage as me! Learning and sharing information with each other at the same rate is exciting. There’s always something new. I felt like I found my very own community, it’s my escape, but also my reality. There are times when my friends tell me to speak “regularly” and not connect everything to Astrology (lol).

Do you see more Black people/POC seeking guidance through tarot and astrology?

I do see more POC getting into Tarot & Astrology and I love it! People seeking prayer, guidance, aura cleanses, and mental clarity. I think it can bring us closer as a community. Just starting the conversation opens up a world of healing. It’s like connecting the dots from the past, present and future. Everyone should at the very least know their birth chart.

What is one misconception you find Black people/POC believe about metaphysical practices outside of organized religion?

One thing for sure is basing the entire practice on Daily Horoscopes! Another thing is people connecting it to Devil worship and pure imagination. People can believe the bible, that was written by a white man, but not the study of the stars and planet movement, when we LIVE on a planet…. floating…. in space. It wouldn’t hurt for people to be more accepting of what might actually make sense. All calendar events can be related to Astrology, there’s not much to be afraid of.

We’re moving into the age of Pisces* now and we already see the changes happening around us. What is one of your favorite mantras or affirmations to help you stay grounded?

In the simplest form is “Trust The Unknown”. Aquarius fights for the betterment of the collective, so do what feels right for everyone. It’s all about connecting, the community and new ideas/innovation. Conversation is flowing. It’s the time for a new life! I am very excited to see what comes out in the next few years. If the internet will explode, or something new will arise. So make those Apps & develop new technology, it’s going to thrive. Or, get back into your close knit circles. Talk to your people. Do something selfless. Fight for better!

I carry an extra dash of gratitude for Briana because we come from similar places and spaces -- being young Caribbean, American born women of color living in the same city. The lens through which we view the world is a perspective not understood by most even within our communities at times. However, she moves with grace through her studies showing that true Virgo dexterous nature. Make sure you follow Briana on Twitter and IG @brianajayy/@astrolbee


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