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A Night on the Town with Soul Food Sundays

Soul Food Sundays is a Bridgeport based collective that curates and coordinates different events in their city and around the state. This organization consists of a variety of creators, from producers, musicians, and photographers. The whole crew was in attendance this past Friday for the exclusive release of their collective album. Music could be heard from outside the restaurant and the floor was filled with patrons chatting with each other or making a bee line for the bar which stayed busy for the entirety of the event. The host, Brittany, did a great job of keeping the crowd engaged and informing us of what was to come as the night continued.

Proud was an understatement as you could see the excitement and joy in the group as they premiered their album. Alongside the music were anecdotes about which members contributed to each track and the showing of different clothing lines from the featured designers. A new track meant a new designer’s garments were up next to show. I will say there was a bit to be desired as far as organization and time management goes but there weren’t any real hiccups to stop the show aside from that. The DJs did a great job matching the energy of the crowd and there were plenty of creators and artists from across the state in attendance showing support.

Stay updated with everything Soul Food Sundays and follow them on Instagram. They may be coming to your town or working with one of your favorite creators next! Follow SOUL FOOD SUNDAYS on Instagram!


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