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The Collective NHV Presents Artist Talks

The Collective NHV consists of Kasaad Bullock, Stephen Jackson, Xavier Hill, all of whom are photographers and stylist Vijor McCray. This team came together through their love of fashion and editorial photography which shines through in all their work. They are no stranger to working with different creators and artists in the city whether they be models, fashion designers, or creative directors but with their new project; they decided to take a more contemporary approach. It’s a great feeling to experience the finished product of someone’s work, but there is also just as much value in seeing the process. The Collective understands that the steps it takes to get to the finish line are equally exciting and thus presents Artist Talks. They sat down with four New Haven based creators to discuss their works, their inspirations, and what led them down their respective paths. The featured artists are: the founder of Dead By 5AM, Brent Shumaker, tattoo artist and designer Sydney Bell, who is the founder of Syd University, Dwayne founder of Duss Wayne, and then artist and art activist, Salwa Abdussabur. Although three of the four artists featured are fashion designers, their brands are unique in their own right and show just how versatile and sustainable fashion can be. As for Abdussabur, they are exceptionally multifaceted and a fierce advocate for social justice through art and especially art representing underserved communities.

Check out the trailers for each of these artists’ episode to learn more about their respective journeys and works when you tap in with The Collective NHV. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team to make some of your ideas come to life while you’re at it! follow The Collective NHV on Instagram!


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