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YGTUT Brings a Fresh Sound to Southern Bounce

For 1.25.19

Since ’94, the South has had something to say and they’ve yet to let up. In fact, I got to be a part of that conversation. YGTUT, the 27-year-old rapper from Chattanooga broke us off with his energetic EP: ‘I.O.U.’ It debuted on Jan. 18th with the lead single, ‘Get It’ dropping just a few days before on the 13th.

Four years flew by since the release of his debut album, ‘Preacher’s $on’, a prolific body of work leaving a notable impression on listeners everywhere. TUT strung together verses full of wit and anecdotal lessons, each song a piece to the puzzle of life in Chattanooga for the rapper. After some scheduling conflicts and technical difficulties, we finally got the charm the third time around and had a great discussion.

We finna drop the album soon but I felt like I owed it to the fans to just come out the gate swinging…

Back in Action

BM: What are some ways you’ve grown since the release of Preacher’s Son?

TUT: I’ve just been trying to evolve all around. Not just from a music perspective but just also trying to be a better man, have more self control, be smarter with my money. I feel like that album changed my life in a lot of ways. It gave me a opportunity to be my own boss. I mean I was already my own boss but it just kinda solidified to me that I could really do this shit for real if I put my mind to it.

What music inspired you growing up?

A lot of different music has inspired me from Rap to Gospel, R&B, Neo Soul. I just love good music in general for real. If it’s whack I can’t fuck with it.

Neo Soul is the GOAT. [laughs] There’s never room for whack music. What was your favorite track to record/write for the EP?

That’s a hard one. Probably “Can’t Tell Me Shit” or “Goodnight”. I think those were the last two songs we recorded for the EP actually.

“Can’t Tell Me Shit” is a feel good track for sure and a sound choice for an intro. Talk that talk! How was shooting the video for ‘Get It’?

It was fun as hell! I appreciate everybody who was a part. Especially Gage and Justin. Them niggas got the vision and they see my vision too. I look forward to keep working with them in the future. I appreciate all the supporters who came out to be a part of the video too. We couldn’t have did this shit without y’all.

Nothing more fulfilling than people who get it. Is there anything you’d like fans to take away from ‘I.O.U.’?

This is just the beginning of our story for real. I know I’ve been gone for a minute and it kinda held shit up for the listeners. I want them to know that won’t happen again. We finna drop the album soon but I felt like I owed it to the fans to just come out the gate swinging and give them that shit they have been waiting for. So this one’s for them. They have been holding me down so long I feel like I owe it to them to fuck shit up.

For TUT and his fans, ‘I.O.U.’ is like the warmth that flows through the room when friends reunite after being apart from one another for a length of time. A personal favorite is “Too Hard”; the production mirrors the message, keep your cool, stay true and don’t be a hater. This track is a mellow but airy bop representing the confidence and knowledge that TUT’s obtained over the past four years.

‘I.O.U.’ is somewhat of a coming of age project. The Chattanooga MC is more than ready to demonstrate just how much more dynamic he and his music have become. ‘I.O.U.’ is available on all streaming platforms.


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