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Memoir Emerges Anew with ‘BREATHE. EP’

For 2.1.19

Brooklyn rapper, Memoir, experienced a whirlwind of changes over the past couple years. Relocating to Pennsylvania and transitioning into adulthood pushed him to create his new EP, ‘BREATHE.’

During the span of two years, everything you thought could’ve went “wrong”, well, went wrong. - Memoir

This project is only four songs long, yet rich in sound and content. The 20 year old MC displays his growth with ‘BREATHE’, lending us the foot notes to who has inspired him and how he overcame his obstacles. Memoir’s flow is playful, switching cadences and rhythms catering to the variety of moods he created.

‘BREATHE’ is a vignette of a young man’s journey to understanding himself including these trials and tribulations. The production varies from lo-fi to trap with snippets of advice and motivation sprinkled through the four tracks.

“Downtime” resonated with me on all fronts. Memoir shifts the energy for two and a half minutes, taking time to contemplate his place in his life in those moments. However, it’s not just momentary but perpetual rumination about every detail. The entire track refers to the anxiety we end up experiencing when we constantly analyze every waking moment and this particularly occurs when we perceive nothing is moving.

BREATHE. EP taught me resilience, taught me about character, patience, determination, and change which is needed for me to grow. - Memoir

Memoir was able to bloom in the darkness, never allowing the burden of change to stop him from growing as a person and as an artist. ‘BREATHE.’ EP is available on all streaming platforms. Listen here.


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