• Ashley Raymond

Metaphysical Mami: Tarot By Bronx

I incorrectly reported that we're moving into the Age of Aquarius because of my own misunderstanding of my research. I've made the change to the Age of Pisces* because that's our current timeline and is the accurate information.

Considering my own pursuits of astrology and the metaphysical, I made a point to take my time and develop a community. With anything considered "radical" or "abnormal" from accepted thought, there is initial difficulty sharing your exploration. This block comes from the fact not everyone we encounter is receptive to perspectives they've learned and developed themselves. That's okay, too. The common theme in exploring the metaphysical or holistic methods of healing is the betterment of self. Yet, it is equally important to find others that act as a mirror for you and acknowledge your humanity.

"I mainly see black people seeking guidance through tarot and astrology which is amazing to me."

My search for community and someone from which to learn led me to YouTube University. I found 22 year old tarot reader, Bronx (she/they), around summer last year. I watched her tarotscopes, a combination of tarot and horoscopes, and felt safe for a few reasons. It was crucial to find a Black reader because of the cultural understanding they would be more likely to possess. I already had interest in astrology and I wanted to explore tarot but wasn't sure where to start.

Bronx has a great personality and keeps her readings pretty straightforward. Her demeanor reminds you of a close friend lays out the potential situations at hand with care and concern. The other common yet critical theme with energy work is free will. Bronx makes sure to remind her audience that they are the creators of their own destiny and the choice is theirs to make. Over this past year, I've learned about tarot by watching Bronx and her content. I reached out to her to get a better understanding of how she cultivated her ability and what changes she was able to make.

GEV: Do you remember the first instance(s) when you realized your interest in the metaphysical?

BX: I was first interested in daily horoscopes when my grandfather would read the newspaper everyday when I was a little girl. He would hand me the comic section as well as the horoscope section. For some reason I wanted to be another sign and not Virgo.

Were your family and friends receptive to your exploration? My mom and dad are very receptive of this now, but mainly my mom. She loves astrology, Tarot and horoscopes. My dad isn’t the most familiar but he is open. My friends all are pretty into astrology as well.

Once you came into your vocation, how did you experience your life changing? When I got into Tarot, there was a huge shift for me. I was going through a tough time but tarot an spiritual twitter opened my eyes in a whole new way. It showed me there is a lot of shadow work needing to be done within us that we don’t even realize until we have no choice but to face it. I was more self aware of what I needed to reprogram about my mindset.

How long have you been practicing?

I’ve been studying tarot for about a year and a half.

Was it important, in order to build a community, that you found other readers and energy workers that looked like you?

I have definitely felt more accepted finding and connecting with other readers that looked like me. Initially it was not my focus but as I dove deeper, I felt it was essential to me.

Do you see more Black people/POC seeking guidance through tarot and astrology?

I mainly see black people seeking guidance through tarot and astrology which is amazing to me. Especially since many of us were raised in Baptist and Christian households, we tend to not be as receptive to other forms of spirituality.

What is one misconception you find Black people/POC believe about metaphysical practices outside of organized religion?

I was raised Catholic and it’s often brought up that tarot cards or other forms of divination are satanic or not of God. I’ve found that to be absolutely false. While yes, there are darker forms of witchcraft that have been demonized by TV and society, tarot cards are one of the many ways to receive direct messages from your higher self and source (God).

We’re moving into the age of Pisces* now and we already see the changes happening around us. What is one of your favorite mantras or affirmations to help you stay grounded?

An affirmation I use to stay grounded is: “I have faith all is well” when things are constantly shifting and changing, faith is all you have left at the end of the day.

Bronx is not currently taking personal readings but she has great content on YouTube and Patreon. Be sure to follow her on all social media @TarotByBronx. She's interactive, funny, and puts out great astrological information. Next week, I have my next interview with London based tarot reader, Nubian Tarot. Make sure you follow Giraffe's Eye View on social media and subscribe to stay updated with new posts!